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Ci Hang is like the sea, father loves immensity!
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Parents is the first teacher of the child, also be lifetime teacher. Hope child becomes what kind of person in the future, parents should try hard to this respect above all. Through teaching by personal example as well as verbal instrution, establish model for the child, make the child is edified in exert a subtle influence on, health grows.

● blends in human civilization to foster the child to issue the high quality ● of very kind-hearted self-improvement in any conditions

Mr Ma Hongyi says: "What prospective society needs is ideological emancipation, breadth of mind judicious judgment of open, foresight, have intense society sense of responsibility and group mind, clean-fingered sincere letter, be full of high folk affinity, those who pursue strong is democratic, good-tempered, innovation, free-standing, open model, high quality, master the promising talent of knowledge of modern culture technology. They should be jumping-off place with China in the future, breathe together with tide of international society, world in all destiny. We foster nowadays the child, must favore future of society of the truth, thorough popular feeling, base oneself upon, scan widely. This is parenting cannot this life mission of shirk, with great society responsibility. With great society responsibility..

One, " the home has love daughter to did not blossom "

Year only song of girl horse eaves, she and with age the child is same, carrying satchel on the back to go to school everyday, next learning; Return and be the same as age the child is same, playtime follows small cully together game, class hind writes line of business with everybody euqally. Although she does not compare other child precocity, also have more time unlike other child; But she took more routes than other child however, saw more people, did more things, also having bigger famous degree. 

Of the CCTV " half the sky " column, it is the authoritative column that Chinese grown woman pays close attention to, break rules however the ground is in on September 27, 1997 just Ma Yu song of 10 years old took a studio please, let her become the honored guest with this program the least throughout history. The whole program that broadcasted that day is " half the sky " the special interview to small Yu Ge, two famous female compere: A Li Xiaomeng that is CCTV, one is the Cao Ying that becomes star of bound of movie and TV later. 

Song of eaves of horse of 4 grade summer vacation entered elementary school 10 years old, in the parent's approve of support falls, she goes on a long journey by train alone 4400 much kilometers, last a period of time 28 days, learn to visit from the Changjiang Delta below Beijing everywhere, footmark stays in smaller part therein over the land with urban and rural country, come back with fruitful results. She keeps a diary everyday at that time, smooth picture patted 4; Inscribe together not only do not fall finished all summer vacation that the teacher takes to work, and self-conscious prepare lessons before class the course of next semester; The extracurricular book that a 410 thousand word still read on the road " Gong Yan " , the after reading sense that brings father an on 1000 words... in 10 thousand lis of road, small Yu Ge insists to make a key point every day health care is held and final morning practice rises early long-distance running. As a result her bout arrives in Beijing home, attack to be conceived to parents in, the body is better. 
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