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How do one name job, happy, happy parent
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One, the parent's joy and happiness come from where

Macroscopical on say, want you to have good state of mind, good thinking kind only, happiness and joy can accompany you. To the parent, the child that can rear health of a body and mind is the biggest happiness and joy. However, how does ability education go such good child, it is the problem that the parent senses bemused constantly however.

The parent the demand is different to the cognizance standard of good child, diverse, educational method also each are not accordingly identical: Some parents gamble with his life with study result of the child everyday, want the child to get tall cent only, they are glad, child learning bad or the fraction is small, they are anxious, angry, be at a loss; Some parents cry urgently in the phone continuously: "How to do? Study result of the child is to go up not to go, how does the child of others know to learn, the child of my home how so stupid? " occasionally they still beat and scold the child even; Some parents learn to let the energy in child subclass, what thing thought of for the child, accomplished; Some parents think educational child is the thing of the school, of parenthood want to be done according to the requirement of teacher and school only went.

Regard psychology as worker, was engaged in old psychology seeking advice, many advisory case tells us, want to foster the child to become health of body and mind, can socially the useful person that joy lives, must regard the focal point that the family teachs as the education of the child's mental health, ability and disposition, such ability enjoy the happiness that does father and mother in the child's joy. Although psychological problem of the child appears in adolescence for the most part, but root is however before adolescence, because this parent wants as soon as possible to take the child's mental health seriously, wait otherwise appeared problem, regretful.

2, psychological quality of the parent and psychology grow is the key that the child grows

Psychologist ever predicted, the competition of 21 centuries talent already turned to the competition that is not intellective element by the competition of intellective element. There are a few famous remarks in be in charge of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties: Affection business is mainer than intelligence quotient, ability is more important than knowledge, quality is more important than ability, health is more important than achievement. In old psychology in seeking advice, we discover, psychology is immature, cannot get used to business of society, affection the parents with low, insalubrious psychology is to cause the child to produce the psychogenic disorder, main reason that cannot blend in a society. Because the parent is the person of the the directest, most influential power that passes social information the child, accordingly, the parent's affection business, control the capacity of the mood namely, him understanding, incentive oneself ability, know the capacity of other, understanding other, with the ability that the person interacts, get used to society, be in harmony at the ability in the group, the psychology that affecting the child deeply grows.
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