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Good parentage surpasses a lot of education
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Present child great majority is a singleton female, it is the small emperor small princess in the home. Parents is hated to part with let them bear hardships, give them with the most advantageous living conditions, it is to grant whatever is requested almost. Such education should pay price, a few undesirable habits of can foster child, as a child the child of coddle since childhood often is flimsy, behave already go up in the body more expression is on the heart. A few setbacks that their unable to bear after be brought up lives, pass as female as a few singletons communication, a lot of people that I discover they are medium do not know anguish actually why content, have an only son female once said to me: "Life is plain sailing, have what setback and anguish! " really, to her, having advantageous living conditions as a child, do not have what setback really, the life is plain sailing. But I say to her, because you still live below parental assistant,that is, once you take off those who leave parents to caress, you can discover the life and always can not be like what what you wish.

What some parents do is better, what the azure gentleman that often enters pedestrian activity together with us does is first-rate. In him he often is taking him to climb together when the son is very young pedestrian excurse, the run that goes very far in order to exercise his psychokinesis, bear hardships ability. Often the son that a lot of people have him only in pedestrian team together the others of a kids is adult, often the son that the people that this moment travels together is about to speak highly of him, and his son also is exceedingly proud. As time passes, his son had been used to the route that goes very long, psychokinesis becomes very firm. Once he also went along with our team, midway crossed a lot of mountain forest, a lot of people are so tired that a lot of people went quickly to be not moved, but this bub still was full of fight however, a bit does not look to give his weary look, let our exclaim unceasingly, should know he just has only 12 years old! Special adamancy is necessarily after such child is grown, at least fitness will be exceedingly good, than the flower in those conservatory more can wind of able to bear blows rain to hit. The educational famous book that read Russell " love cover " later, I more and more felt children is taught, the extreme value that the family teachs. A the first teacher of children it is parents, the first school is a family. Domestic education phase is rising in the lifetime of children crucial is decisive action even. And present circumstance is, whole society was like the attention with an overmuch attention to go to the school to teach level, and ignored a family to teach level. This is a very big error! The family teachs be school education to lay a foundation level, cannot ignore absolutely.

The most immediate consequence that domestic education is not taken seriously is, a lot of children had formed a lot of undesirable habits below the influence that undesirable family teachs, and the habit that this phase forms is very difficult change, won't change all one's life even. So the parent gives the school such child, the debt that owes domestic education is swung to school education, swing to teacher body, this is inequitable to school education. A few have the student of a lot of undesirable habits in the school, learn the student with bad character, moral character compares poor student, often school education is not caused, however the result that the family teachs. And a few parents are in however that persistently blame the school to teach and a bit takes no account of the problem that is his. Should such one formed the children of undesirable habit has been taught, to the teacher it is test of a huge. But as the teacher, must be in as far as possible the situation goes down to teach them, bring them to true path, the health that makes them grows, in order to make up for the error that the family teachs and failure, this is the responsibility that serves as a teacher!
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