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Successful family education has 3 old thinking
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The first, " do-nothing and all without exception is " education -- software is more significant than hardware

"Do-nothing " the wisdom that is father. Do-nothing be not do not be, without giving thought to,not be indulge, have ideal design beforehand however, the power that leans a habit or the force of mental mechanism drives his automatic, initiative essence to enter promising. On education, we every parents wants to draw lessons from father " do-nothing " thought, should learn do-nothing and religion, be good at do-nothing and religion.

How many parents is accompanied every day read, companion is read, they are boiled white hair, boil bent a waist, but those who do children not feel grateful. What Gorky says no less than: "Love the child only, this is the responsibility that also meets even the hen, but be good at breeding them, it is the common cause with one great stake however. It is the common cause with one great stake however..

Should master do-nothing and religion, the most important is to teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution.

Be in the United States, have such two familial: One is Edward familial, one is bead gram familial, both already was passed to the 8th generation. Edward is erudite the philosopher of much ability, humanness is rigorous and assiduous. His descendants, 13 had become university president, many 100 are a professor, 80 many it is a writer, 60 many it is a doctor, still 1 person should cross vice president, 1 person has become an ambassador, 20 much people should cross assemblyman. Bead gram is the drunkard with a famed far and near and gambler, lifetime ignorant. His descendants, 300 much people should cross beggar and tramp, 7 are a murderer, 60 many had made bilk and theft, 400 much people send incomplete or die young because of excessive drinking.

What do these two familial histories show? Parental quality how, very big to playing the effect of generation. Suhuomulinsiji has an education famous remark: "Father and mother people, you continue on child body oneself! " the child is illuminative in the exert a subtle influence on of father and mother grow, is parents what kind of, the child can learn accordingly what kind of. This word is warning the parent: Must ask strictly oneself, should accomplish teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution. What is meant by a wind? Father is passed child, child pass grandson, descendants mutual immerse.

The family of Kennedy of the president before the United States one Men Sanjie is celebrated on the political field temporarily. The Kennedy old gentleman that takes up the post of British ambassador at that time often goes up in dining table and prate talks about children especially the competition of each political parties and groups of the political wind and cloud at that time and home and footing, and encourage children express their opinion to world overall situation freely, encounter when having a difference of opinions intense debate rises. In discuss, the child not only increased understanding to politics, and have strong interest to the thing of domestic abroad, often search more data to read to the library severally. As a result a son becomes a president, two become assemblyman.
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