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80 words that can share together with the child
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01. tells him everyday: Exemplarying the Huaihe River of art adept dusk

02. life is to take the thing of others err to punish his

Be like in 03. life without the friend, like there is sunshine in resembling the life

04. the hope tomorrow, let us forget today's anguish

If 05. life shucks ideal, dream, illusion, that life just piles a bare outline

06. glow is not the patent of the sun, you also can give off light

07. I person with carnal surveillance heart, wisdom person body of intention spirit surveillance

08. gets happy the one and only way is to cherish what you have, forget what what you do not have

09. is greedy it is the truest poverty, satisfying is the realest money

10. you can get a whole world with love, you also can lose a whole world with hate

The value of 11. person, what sufferring temptation is flashy by the decision

12. is young it is the time that we have the right exclusively to weave a dream

Once 13. youth is in charge of at once never again atone for

14. did not have the language of love, all characters are insipid

The love with real 15. , should surmount the deepness of the width of the length of life, heart, soul

The power that 16. loves arrives greatly can make the person forgets everything, however small cannot accommodate to the sanded Shi Ye that connects a jealousy

17. becomes a person of true awareness momently, he abandons pursueing the money of explicit world, and the real money that begins to search his heart world

18. should have hope only, the person won't frustrate forever

19. no matter when are you beginning, important is after beginning, do not stop

20. no matter you are in when to end, important is compunction does not want after the end

If 21. person is his oldest enemy flabbily

If 22. person is brave it is oneself best friend

23. " impossible " in the dictionary of consist in blockhead

24. cherishs the biggest hope, for the greatest effort, make worst plan

Home 25. ! Sweet home! The home of nothing is more... than with the best the world

26. is do-nothing can make person intelligence rusty

Each thing wants 27. to see it with the angle of many sided

28. rational considers the place that be in, hell is heaven

29. is hopeful the place that be in, anguish also becomes joy

All 30. victories, the victory with him conquer is compared rise, it is negligible

All 31. failure, with what lose his unsuccessful comparing rises, more negligible

32. god never blames the unwisdom of people, people blames sacred inequity however

Good life should fill 33. to expect completely, surprise and appreciate

The most weighty thing on 34. world, nothing is more... than gets along affectedly

35. feels he is done arrive with what do not do, reading aloud only actually between
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