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Listen attentively to the child to absorb educational knowledge patiently
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The method of certainly child has 100 thousand kinds, beating and scold the child to be able to say is the directest. But the times is changing, the idea also is being updated, the method of parent certainly child is impossible also of course changeless! Perhaps the parent can feel interrogative, if receive stick, can you mother the child?

Actually, when the child errs, make him child responsible with valued manner, can foster the child is independent and rational spirit more instead.

The parent's hand should be full of care and warmth, is not to let the child feel unfamiliar with fear. One is in gingerly in grown child, can admit a negative act gradually, dare not convey oneself real sense to lie for example, demand dare not say to wait with respect to theft. Nevertheless, some parents feel very embarrassed constantly again, because besides beat and scold besides, they always find effective breeding method hard it seems that. Now, let us learn not to hit the 10 bassoon that do not scold to teach clever law together!

Beat and scold common cause of the child

Should be asked about when why wanting to beat and scold the child, the answer of a lot of parents is " do not listen to certainly " . Be aimed at this reason, mr. Cheng Guiying wants here particularly clear. Be in when parents when beating and scold the child, always push the account to child body entirely, consider as the child to force he is done so, seek other way to teach the child however rarely. Actually, no matter use what certainly means to treat the child, its responsibility should be carried by parents case, is not the child. Do not be willing to spend idea to search other educational methods because of the parent just about, so ability can have the cursory show that beat and scold.

Generally speaking, the parent should beat and scold the child, basically have the following 4 big reasons.

Traditional culture idea

Undeniable, traditional breeding idea still is having the effect of exert a subtle influence on to us, for example " do not lay become a useful person " " the dutiful son gives below bludgeon " etc. Because be in traditional idea, parents goes up namely with the child's relation to falling, did not respect the child, concept that gets along with child equality. The esteem of traditional culture puts in of the same generation more get along on, but very defective however in parentage.

Ego mood manages not beautiful

If the parent's intelligence is insufficient mature, very heavy pressure and package are the child to so. Difficulty should be encountered in the life or when the setback, some parents abreact complaint easily to child body. When the parent lives to oneself or working expectation cannot be satisfied, hope the child is OK and complete more come according to his directive act, once the child's expression cannot make the parent satisfactory, so parent most can be beaten and scold before going up.
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