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Tall how do 3 parents want collect when 4 kinds of information
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New tall 3 be about to term begins, new round tall the prospect that 3 parents also begin to be the child is busy. The university entrance exam is not examinee any more one the individual's thing, however " family general mobilization " . How had become tall 3 parents, is the child helped in the moment of truth? This is the problem that a lot of parents are eager to understanding. Should have become tall 3 parents, the child that divide a side strengthens nutrition, outside building good study atmosphere, information of collect the university entrance exam also is indispensable. Here offers a few proposals, the hope is right new tall 3 parents are helped somewhat.

The parent wants key collect 4 kinds of information. It is authoritative information. There is entrance exam news on all sorts of media such as newspaper, TV, network now, the parent must try to discriminate, choose those the most authoritative information. Branch of various entrance exam, if Ministry of Education, Beijing teachs exam courtyard and court of each area county,do waiting for issuance of all kinds regulation, policy is authority. 2 it is accurate information. The parent is in the branch that collect should notice to release information when of all kinds information, do one's best is accurate. Not long ago of Ministry of Education is successive double exposure is illegal recruit students website, these websites provided information of false recruit students, if the parent believes, be deceived possibly. 3 it is up to date information. Of all kinds information has updated problem, the parent should note the change of information, use newest information, and do not use antiquated information. 4 it is useful information. The material such as guidance of analytic like examination questions of the university entrance exam, university and major introduction, volunteer fill in a form and submit it to the leadership, also be examinee place need.

In collect information while, parents should have been decided to oneself, had acted this part that act. As the parent, cannot replace child learning, cannot replace child option more. The parent should serve more, provide useful information to the child more, want to respect the child's interest and specialty at the same time. To the school, professional choice, the parent's opinion can be a reference only, power to make decisions should give the child.

With the information that the university entrance exam concerns, especially immortal like style, college is own recruit students, have specific time restriction, once examinee is missed cannot attend. The Gao Sansheng study at insecurity, do not have time to also do not have energy to understand one by one. Be about to produce parent experience at this moment the preponderance with much, vast intercourse, help child collect concerns information, offer the child through choosing an useful information.

The parent can come through a variety of ways information of collect the university entrance exam. To the parent of Beijing examinee, can pass " communication of Beijing recruit students " reach Beijing to teach exam courtyard website to know relevant policy and news, know the recruit students news of the college through college website, still can know news through the media such as newspaper, TV. Actually, the simplest method is to order newspaper of exam of a Beijing from now on, all sorts of authoritative information that comprehensive understanding concerns with the exam. (Reporter: Jiang Dianjun)
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