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Let the child grow in every little bit
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Let the child grow in every little bit

, shallow the wisdom that talks how to reflect the parent in family education, be in imperceptible in the effect that has educational child

Nowadays, major family has a child only, the child's education became Chongzhongzhi naturally also to weigh. But the education that all watchs contemporary family, major family education all has the appearance of doting child, the child that lives together with grandfather grandma especially, it is to suffer fully more favorite, I want to be below such environment, problem teenager ground appears, the generation of teenage crime, cannot say as current as us family is taught not without a bit relation.

Someone says 80 hind it is the generation that break down, current, a lot of post are the 80 kid after, hear such word, 80 hind make why impressions, indignant? Ill-affected? Admit? Degenerate still? As 80 a after, I hear such word, feel particularly afflictive at that time, ill-affected, by what so after saying 80 time, be born we, dan Jing comes down to want, this word also is not a bit truth also is done not have, after 80 time, our country begins to advocate family planning, a lot of 80 hind it is generation singleton female, because the parent still is done not have,transform completely from inside the idea in the past come over, because this dotes on doubly to the child, the person that is born after 80 time had not experienced a war almost, famine, big natural disaster (the person that did not include to experience shock of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River this) , can say the life is plain sailing, catch up with the living conditions after reforming and opening to be improved stage by stage again, accordingly a lot of 80 hind the consciousness that lacked earn one's own living, had not experienced difficult, affliction, do not know enterprising and cherish, self-improvement is free-standing, be on working station nowadays, also lacked old-timer naturally the sort of is brave in that bear hardships, the spirit that dares to go all out in work, an adage is called " since ancient times fine silk fabrics Ku is less male " , taking bit of pain appropriately also do not have not not be a favour. Nowadays, living conditions is better than 80 time get more much, so the child that how should we teach us, let child become a useful person, make contribution for motherland land development, be not being said is " the generation that break down " , below I am shallow the feeling that talks about oneself:

I think, of the child grow, cannot take off a relation with domestic nature, the child from be born to go up nursery school, time of 34 years is spent in the home, after going to school besides 8 hours when be in the school, the time that go also is almost spend in the home, teach pair of children because of this family grow should put in the first place, the example that good domestic education breeds a pillar also is lifted lift deeply, with a ha not for instance girl Liu Yi Ting, the family of impropriety teachs the too numerous to mention one by one that turns the gift into mediocre person, the most typical " hurt Zhong Yong " .
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