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How to develop the habit that pupil learns independently in domestic education
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As ceaseless development of the society, to the child's education and the problem that grow to become all parents to pay close attention to almost, they also are taking a lot of good wills to be being fostered hard and teaching the child. But, letting what the person feels regretful is, some families teach a method however effects is very small, had adverse effect even, cause a bud that ought blossom however because of the mistake breed a method and wither. Confront those students that cross advanced institution of higher learning when them, each praises greatly, also want to know those who come out to these outstanding students are how to be taught very much at the same time.

We say 21 centuries is one advocates the society of ability, the grow into useful timber of a child, school education is admittedly important, but also can ignore a family to teach corresponding action anything but. The action that reachs since the place in the process that domestic education grows in the child often is the most essential, the most abiding, can decide the growing contrail of one individual lifetime even. That is to say the backside of a person that succeed, sure a good family teachs background. Because this is in the course that the family teachs, the parent should lead child establish the consciousness of own study, stimulate the desire that they learn independently, then the habit that nurturance learns independently. The study that lets them from depend on move toward independence gradually, undertake as a child " the society is curious, the society is an upright person, the society lives, the society is created " the education of the consciousness that waits for a respect and desire, ability help child has the land of his base oneself upon and development in the modern society of ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye.

Alleged and own study, point to namely active on study and not be passive; Self-conscious and not be blind; Free-standing and not be to depend on; Have a cause to oneself, have requirement, according to plan, have think over, have summary, is not a take a passive attitude towards one's work, irresponsible to oneself. What the experience in allowing the procedure that they surmount in creation of ego design, ego, ego succeeds to study is cheerful, arouse them to produce the desire of own study then, enhance the autonomy that they learn, make next strong foundation stone for consciousness study.

One, change idea, let go moderately, let the child establish the concept of own study

The parent is illuminative division of the child, all one's life friendly. Want to develop the ability that the child learns independently, the parent should realize the ego on the idea to change above all, for the child own study offers an idea to prop up, this is the child those who have own study is important assure. Accordingly, want to had reared oneself child, the parent should pay attention to ego study above all, improve knowledge, have sth in mind now, scan widely did not come. Because, your action meets child of influence of ground of exert a subtle influence on, the effect that teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution will be more distinct.
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