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Rear the child into 10 methods of the talent
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Today, I prepare schoolteaching data for the children of Xinjiang in the hotel of Henan, the title is: Rear the child into 10 methods of the talent. Special now announce come out, the hope is beneficial to the parent.

The first, the talent is to listen come out! Insist to let the child listen to a teaching material recording that he likes everyday please!

The 2nd, insist to practice pronunciation! Pronunciation must be corrected as a child! Should read only actually follow 100 words, pronunciation is OK all one's life pass a barrier!

The 3rd, must imitate an English speech thoroughly!

The 4th, the opportunity that parents wants to create an opportunity to let children have ostentation!

The 5th, parents should accompany children actively to learn English, read English!

The 6th, the good environment that parents wants to build English of a study for the child: English bookshelf, acoustics, placard. The room that allows the child to enter his has the longing that learns English.

The 7th, recite aloud crucial! Should recite without fail in the morning everyday 20 to 30 minutes!

The 8th, can buy a few world-renowned cartoon to the child, mix children together " watch repeatedly " .

The 9th, parents should learn a few English weak point that encourage the child actively sentence! This is very important to the child's future! The 10th, if having an opportunity, can let the child enter the camp of assemble for training of English of insanity of a Li Yang!

5 praise the child's most commonly used sentence:

You Did A Great Job! Of good appearance!

I'm So Proud Of You! I feel proud for you!

You're The Best! You are the most marvellous!

You're Really Smart! You are very clever!

I Love You! I love you! This is the simplest also be the strongest praise!

One Sentence Plus One Hug = Huge Encouagement!

A sentence embraces the encouragement with tremendous = !

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