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Primary education seminars held in the Shaw Family
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October 30, Hailun Shaw Primary School is located in the Committee of the city and the street folk Yan Lei support and assistance of the community, organized a theme of "cultivate good habits," the family education seminars. The family is the child's first classroom is the cradle of child development and family education is an important part of healthy growth of children. This seminar speakers, panel members report Hailun Li Qin the committee for more than 30 years of education work with For practice and years of family theories and methods of education to the parents of Jiang Jie would do well to appreciate the education on the family's important role in the healthy growth of children, and theory with practice, improve appreciation of education explain in layman's language The four main points: First, good find and appreciate the advantages and strengths of children so that children see their own advantages; the second is the child appreciated the efforts and hard work, let your children improve their self-confidence; third is appreciated by the child's progress every point, Encourage your child to keep pushing; Fourth, children learn to objectively analyze the mistakes and shortcomings, with her all the way to educate and guide the child to correct mistakes, to correct shortcomings. At the meeting, Deputy Director Wang Jiufu Hailun the committee for the parents proposed a "lead by example, love in there, and well-taught, tight, with grid, pipe and orderly," the 20 words of family education advice.
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