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Chunmiao education about family education instructor classes
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At present, the modern home education has become a Chinese society must pay attention to and solve the acute problem. Family Education missing, serious family education and science education requires urgent need of a professional family family education professionals Industry personnel. Experts predict that at least 3,000,000 of the future family education guidance professionals. Great social needs, family education rising enthusiasm, indicating that family education instructor will be China's second psychological counseling Advisory Division and later a very popular career development potential, there are broad prospects for development. Chunmiao PM November 27 educational institutions have invited the "Chinese tutor" magazine editor in chief, China Institute of Family Education Publicity Committee Deputy Secretary-General, the National Women's Federation, "Report of hundreds of expert per field of" expert lecturers expert Chen Guangbo Who taught "Family Education and Interpretation Errors" course, for the current outstanding problems of family education, family education and the profound meaning analysis. Guide the education of educators using scientific methods and techniques with children to establish better parent-child relationship And ethical relationship.
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