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Chinese Canadian commentator called on Chinese parents set up a committee to pa
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At 14:00 on the 16th, the Canadian held in City Square in Markham Chinese parents involved in education policy in a forum, participants mentioned that the parents participate in the Committee (Parent Involvement Committee) can enhance the establishment of the parents involved in their children's education. Participate in the forum pointed out that the Chinese commentators cheong, the Ontario government recently introduced parental involvement policy (Parent Involvement Policy), the majority of parents set up to encourage parents to participate in committees, parents and schools to play the role of a bridge linking, and for parents to provide a platform to express their views. Cheong, said that while parents can participate in school council, but the scope to the main campus; but parents can make the school council participation in the Commission's lack of antennae can be extended to local, community and the scope of the county. The parents can be reached in regular contact with the school three projects, including playing bridge, platform, giving feedback, and concerned about education and so on. Another part in the forum is also a member of the parents of parents Zhang Guoqiang says that she would often travel as a school, Terry Fox run, or distribute pizza to students in the school's volunteers. Zhang Guoqiang, through participation in school activities that can prove their children's education plays an active role in their children can become the object of study; and participate in a formal hearing parents will also be president, vice president of development policies first-hand reference to the school information. Participate in the forum Xiao Zhenhua stressed that parents should be more participation in school activities held or parents in order to improve school education and understanding of their children; in Yorkshire Forum for Education community education director Margaret Roberts also introduced the recent Yorkshire Education various education measures. On-site addition to questions parents concerned about education, there is also the current Education Committee Chen Shengyuan Toronto, and the Yorkshire members of the public school education, and many candidates to participate in the forum.
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