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Cultural Forum 3rd peaceful discussion "tutor" "family" "family culture" comp
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"How times traditional family culture?" "Harmonious elements of family culture which must have?" ... ... The Third Session peaceful Cultural Forum held on 10 family culture. China Folklore Society, Vice President Chen Qin Jian, Vice-Chairman of Shanghai Ballad Singers Ge Mingming, Heng Yuan Xiang Group Chairman Liu Ruiqi, and other experts and scholars were from the "tutor" "family" "family phase" point of view on family and cultural hot spots, especially on " After the Expo Times "modern family culture in-depth explanation. Statesman famous folk classics and more Host family culture classics Evolution. Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Research Office, Cai Fengming culture that, as early as in the "Book of Changes" commitment to family matters discussed there, "no Yau then, in the fed, Zhen Ji", that only the good auspices of cooking cooking, sewing, weaving as, the family will prosper. From the "daughter through" to the folk tale "two buckets" and "Nine pounds girl", are imperceptible to educate people, homemakers must be carefully planned. Traditional family culture remains important today. Chen Qinjian moderator quipped, many young parents in the child only three months, began to teach English, teach swimming, but forget the culture from generation to generation resources. Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences researcher Huang Jiangping that by singing nursery rhymes, riddles and other forms of folk literature to educate their children, enough to inspire wisdom, for example, choose Mengmu neighbors Kongrongrangli moral education, singing songs, riddles can develop intelligence, taboo bowl leftovers, eating etiquette education is knocking dishes. Greetings, gifts, visits to family rituals and other traditional practices trivial detail, but to pacify the people, to strengthen the important role of family cohesion, reflects China's traditional family "and for your" values. Construction of a harmonious family and cultural needs Zheng, Fudan University professor of Chinese soil has the view that the patriarchal family culture, many need to discard, such as the patriarchal authority of the will of the parents, disregard for the rights of women and so on, but there are a lot of experience can be used today, such as filial piety norms Tsz help to correct the disrespect of elders, the elderly do not perform their duty, brothers against each other for the benefit of such a little unhealthy; emphasize seniority in the family, their duties and to establish a healthy family relationships. Vice President Ge Mingming ingenuity City Ballad Singers spoke with the Shanghai dialect, "a case of dumplings caused amusement," the concept of the traditional culture of family harmony manifested in layman's language, the participants broke into knowing laughter from time to time. Colorful family culture All-inclusive family culture. Shanghai Vocational College of Arts Professor Ye Baifeng layout from the home environment, housekeeping culture. He believes that if the house was incomplete or irregular shape, its internal flow of the gas will be stagnant or irregular, thus affecting the health of residents. He suggested, interior decoration, furniture placed patchwork, resulting in low contrast and color in order to engender new aesthetic. Shanghai Folk Literature and Art Association Professional Committee of Xu Hualong theory of "home of the interpretation of modern culture", Sociology, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Lu Xiaowen, deputy director of the "new concept of family financial management," Heng Yuan Xiang Group chairman Liu Ruiqi on the "home brand ", have also caused heated debate. The experts said: "In the new historical stage, and family harmony and cultural advocacy is a traditional culture to promote." Especially during the World Expo, the Shanghai to contains all the spirit and friendly attitude, as tourists and create a family atmosphere . Not only conducive to peace and cultural forums to promote "folk, folk, ethnic," protecting their culture, heritage, and help "make life better," the Expo theme further extension of home and cultural development.
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