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Yi Zhongtian Education is the best tutor
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Accepted Morning News reporter Zhuan Fang Yi Zhongtian, the reporter turned a deaf ear to talk to him "by the tutor," he always words "spicy," throw "the best tutor is not education", "hatred of inspirational and excellent training" " Fu is a small On Long live "and" tutor Quotations. " On the tutor read the newspaper Yi Zhongtian's parents work at the university, easy home has three brothers in business achievements. The only daughter of Yi Yi Zhongtian seashells in the Architecture Department of Tongji University undergraduate, graduate school, and now Shanghai. Such an enviable family , Is not unique tutoring tips? Yi Zhongtian said, the best family education is not education. "The fundamental purpose of education is to achieve the full and free development of people, people like people, not like a tool or a machine On a component. "Yi Zhongtian said that in the education of their children, the parents of the most important is to create a relaxed, free and democratic atmosphere for the next generation of free growth," because each person has only one life, life on the road only Have their own choice, others can not be replaced. " Yi Zhongtian, said he grew to love reading, no matter what to read, parents are not interfered, but the use of university resources as possible to his library. Yi Zhongtian, said his classical skills are mainly laid at a young age . "Your father, the greatest impact do you?" The issue of journalists and easy to transit back to the words "is 'our parents'." Yi Zhongtian, family education, the role of the mother is more important, "educational success of children, All likelihood have a great mother. " Yi Zhongtian said he came just to see the plane Han 8 Morning News reported that "play what my mother always something to do," writing, "" he shall not be considered the mother of education law, "the purpose of kids out to play could have been the children's health Growth, the result is just the opposite. " Spend a year volunteering to help her daughter in completing college entrance examination Just on the Middle School, the daughter would like to fill in College Entrance Examination Yi Zhongtian put on some reference, easy to choose transit adhering to the principles of her daughter, to her suggestion that "four cardinal principles" and "three-dimensional coordinate system." "The four basic This principle "is that the principle of interest, the professional you choose should be in your best interest; advantage of the principle of the professional you choose should reflect your best advantage; creative principle of the profession after graduation to have created the work Made, rather than a simple duplication of effort; interest principle, the profession must have a good development prospects, it is best to make money. "Three-dimensional coordinate system" is the X-axis --- City, Y-axis --- School, Z-axis --- professional. Press According to this coordinate system, with 'four cardinal principles', combined with the test scores you may have to find the best combination of points. A few days later, her daughter after careful analysis, decided to become a good designer, commissioned the father taking the time on the school field trips. Smallpox is easy in almost a year to consider within the scope of his daughter in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou State colleges and universities in Nanjing and other places nearly ran over and over, and the field shoot these classrooms, dormitories, canteens, student status audiovisual data, and also lists those schools in recent years, enrollment in Fujian list. Data integration Good management, he handed his daughter, he no longer cared for any of their choice. Eventually, the daughter to choose and obtain the Tongji University. Because everything is in accordance with their wishes, she was in college themselves, year after year, first-class scholarship, graduated from Shanghai Shihai was named outstanding graduates. Excellent motivational and training on hate Daughter of Yi Yi Zhongtian seashells from small to large outstanding, first-class fifth consecutive year college scholarship. Yi Zhongtian, said her daughter never Pei excellent, "I hate inspirational and excellent training, which is destroying humanity." Yi Zhongtian told a little story: one in a university lecture, a girl stood up and asked, hoping to give students easy to transit a few inspirational words, just as their elders did to the children. Yi Zhongtian, "if you regard me as long Generation, I regard you as his daughter, "a round of applause, the Yi Zhongtian changed the subject," I never say such things to her daughter. "Said Yi Zhongtian, a person has no" chi "is its own thing, not" encourage " Out, and now the success of popular science as a poison, shaped by the success as "man-made forest," the true and harmonious society should be both tall trees, there are flowers grass. In Yi Zhongtian view, the absence of family education in China is the biggest "universal concept", did not give the child the full development of the personality space. "In the U.S., asked the children grow up to the ideal of what a boy stood up and said, ' I want to be president ', under the students applauded; a girl stood up and said,' I want to be a housewife ', the students also applauded. " Yi Zhongtian does not deny the existence of inspirational works, "Who wants to write, who wants to see who's free, but said that my book is very inspirational, it is call me I do not see, do not write inspirational work, it is my freedom. "
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