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Caption: The Song Dynasty of ò of ⒂ an ancient unit of weight Jing of miserly
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Whenever wide hand in meeting, lifting a brand to be before Fair door to apply for a job " interpreter " the undergraduate can make a distinctive view line,
The Fair this year was to draw students of a lot of major of college foreign language more. Whether can student of foreign language major do good translation certainly?
Crossed major 8 class can " sweep the deck " ? In wide hand in the arena of the meeting to go up, a lot of students are reaping money, harvesting interpreter experience
, and some people are to harvesting a lesson, harvesting bewilderment.

We see, although wide make the station outside can exhibiting an area full the foreign language ace that lifting a brand to be full of self-confidence, units of many choose and employ persons are returned
It is to plainting " a thousand pieces of gold begs good translation hard " ; On one hand the whole people learns a foreign language, translate a talent well to surprise again on one hand be short of. In the foreign language
While major opens more more, unit of choose and employ persons " 8 class are not like English major certainly three-year institution of higher learning is unripe " judgment, be in let a person turn over
Think of a tradition to translate education mode of the talent. Doing interpreter day firewood to be able to amount to 5 digit today, can accomplish " letter, amount to, elegant " talent turning over interpret appears however less and less, how can you just do a successful interpreter talented person? We also are seeking the solution.

One, the catchword character of network, TV " kill kills " interpreter talent: Translator should call skill of brave man language first
Mr Liu Jihua ever was in the United States " reader abstract " had become senior editor, the interpreter has been published " fall on one's knees your double genu " , "
Behind Yi Ren " wait for 10 Yuben composing. He points out when accepting the author to interview, "New personality is translated " cannot be in " outside the meeting
Language " him promotion on the foundation, it is the article of China and foreign countries because of them the base of two kinds of languages is not quite strong. Good translation actually not
It is pure a kind of language is good OK, "The sea returns " it is certain to be not represented two kinds of his languages master reach the designated position.
Liu Jihua says, want to make an eligible interpreter handsome appearance, should have to the language that is engaged in above all very good assurance and plunge into
Solid base, to the primary language of the language the control of law and vocabulary wants very solid, it is better to have apply and convey ability. Its
Second, people often learned foreign language, lost Chinese, translate the art that is two kinds of languages in fact, so translator also should have very
Good Chinese strength, can understand the implication of Chinese well or can be conveyed with accurate Chinese. Additional, gao Shuiping's translator
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