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Caption: ⒂ 颬 ARTY: fact flinchs of Xi of plum ㄗ ㄌ
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English PARTY:  fact flinchs  of Xi of plum ㄗ ㄌ

(2007-01-06 02:31:24)

The 25th middle school of Han Dan city Jing Yuanyuan

■ propositional trend

The noun is all previous in visitting town each, take an examination of check intellectual place surely. Look from check form, choice, term is applied and commonly individual event is over form fill a vacancy. What occupy minute of value to be 1 ~ 3 minutes normally.

■ check focal point

The exam inscribes what involve substantival complex number to substantival check to form in, substantival possessive, countable and the usage that cannot count substantival usage, proper-noun. Among them, the quantitative notation that cannot count a name, noun is double the heat that possessive is check.

One. Substantival sort

The noun can be divided for proper-noun and appellative. Proper-noun is to point to a certain or the proper-noun such as certain individual, place, orgnaization. Be like Beijing, tom, china is waited a moment, appellative is to point to a kind of person or thing or the name that are an abstraction. Be like: Book, pen Apple.

Appellative can be divided further again wait for 4 kinds for individual noun, collective noun, material noun and abstract noun.

1. individual noun

Those who state some kind of person or thing are medium is individual. Be like Book(book) , dog(dog) , boy(boy)

2. collective noun

Express the aggregate of a certain number of individual composition. Be like Family(family) , class(class)

3. material noun

Express to cannot be divided for individual objective. Be like Water(water) Tea(tea) Milk(milk) etc.

4. abstract noun

Express the abstract idea such as movement, condition, character, feeling. If Love(loves) Peace(peace) wait.

A lot of nouns can make countable already, also can make cannot count a name, For example

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