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Elegant think of sign up undertake be adjustmented greatly

Edu.dayoo.com   on July 9, 2007 09:54:2Origin of 8   : Zhejiang is online

Elegant think of an exam to sponsor just express, to put an end to partial person to use software frequent refresh webpage is occupied phenomenon, elegant the system signing up that considers an exam will begin undertake adjustment from July 1, the biggest change is examinee must pay sum fee signing up beforehand before booking exam seat.

As we have learned, the examination program after adjusting is: In elegant think of register on website signing up book an exam for user, imprest charge signing up, choice showing number, online fill in and submit an application form, affirm pay fee.

Sponsor square concerned controller to express, after system signing up is adjusted, elegant the payment that considers an exam does not have any change, examinee still can be passed pay on the net or bank telegraphic transfer money pays. The examinee after paying is signing up of the website " my condition " the inquiry on the page pays circumstance, after getting affirming, can begin to choose and book exam seat to fill in application form. This controller emphasizes, exam charge won't be adjusted because of system signing up and appear change.

The adjustment of system signing up still will bring an interest good news to examinee, sign up namely date of expiration will be shortened by before taking an examination of 15 former weekday to take an examination of before 10 weekday, this means examinee to arrange and can more sufficient time prepares an exam.

British culture association expresses at the same time about chief, in view of China elegant ponder over unripe near future to grow considerably, british culture association and center of exam of Chinese Ministry of Education still rolled out a variety of measure recently, include to hold water to verify the dot, examination time that increases Zhou Si, exam quota of people that increases a part to check a place and the exam number that increase a part to check a place newly, so that provide more perfect examination for examinee,serve.

(editor: Old Xiao Feng)

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