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Parent school how the party that became mother
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Parent school how the party that became mother?

The expert points out, father teachs medium part vacancy to grow to the child in the family adverse

"51 " long holiday just passed, beijing 4 in net school faced countrywide student and parent to roll out annual by a definite date January " free experience " activity. The parent school in this net school " network face teachs a class " in, parents taught an expert to have the opportunity that more communicates face-to-face with the family.

But the reporter discovers in parent school, its register an user in close most probably above is mom, and father teachs a medium important role as the family, participator is very few however.

People has such impression more: The parent that is in each school can go up, attendant parent family member counts general metropolis be in the majority, and looking for what the teacher enquires child case at ordinary times also is a mother more. Face this one specific market, some is famous and spare groom orgnaization near future opened even " mom school " , teach mom family education " executive method " , for instance: Chat 20 minutes with the child, what diverse demand does different goal have? How does every time dialog begin? How to advance? How to abstract? How to exit? Mom's expression, mood and change, how of design and child interactive, how to let the child be admitted smoothly... allegedly this " sell a site " very grab an eye, the mom that draws on more than 100 to be eager to improving family education quality attends groom.

"The likelihood is the part that specific social division of labor caused a mother to bear educational children morely, more and more mothers realize the value that the mother teachs now. But in actual life, they often do not know how to should teach the child again, ' teach again won't teach ' the biggest quandary that became them. " Beijing 4 in Liu Kaichao of chief of school of net officer parent tells a reporter, "After more and more mothers assume the responsibility that has educational child, regular meeting feels ability not equal to one's ambition. Ever an investigation shows, the mother of 89% thinks he needs to accept relevant groom, in order to raise the level of educational children. In order to raise the level of educational children..

The family teachs expert Wang Baiqiu to tell a reporter, in growing process of the child, domestic education, school education and social education have decision sense, every kinds of education has the special function that cannot supersede. Since mother people important role was acted in domestic education, ought to do one's best does a qualification, the parent that can teach.

"Of course, father's part do not answer dispensable. In domestic education, father's vacancy grows to the child adverse. " experts still force advocate father takes on as far as possible an educational responsibility, is not " tubal child " completely pushs the thing to do a mother.
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