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The most familiar invalid communication pattern
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When the child causes a worry to parents, parents besides afore-mentioned outside 4 kinds of methods, the commonnest is:

1. Command, direct

"You go looking for anything else to play. "You go looking for anything else to play..

"Clear away here clean. "Clear away here clean..

"Forbid to scream aloud. "Forbid to scream aloud..

2. Warning, threaten, minatory

"If you come again make trouble, I am about to hit your small bottom. I am about to hit your small bottom..

"Toy or else calls in toy chest, I sweep ash-bin entirely. I sweep ash-bin entirely..

"You if achievement again so poor, played playtime not to think. Played playtime not to think..

3. Expostulatory, admonitory

"The little sister is little, not sensible, do not quarrel with her. Do not quarrel with her..

"Do not make a noise please I, my fast was made a noise to die by you. My fast was made a noise to die by you..

"Before the thing is used, ask for those who get others to agree first please. Ask for those who get others to agree first please..

4. Offer a proposal, settle way

"Why you don't see storybook?

"I think, you go picture became good. You go picture became good..

"Dot, be should honest?

The means of these talks, will produce the consequence below:

1. Cause the child to defy father and mother.

2. It is goofy that the child thinks parents becomes him by accident.

3. The child feels parents ignores the demand that reachs them.

4. The child feels to have Babylon feeling.

5. Stab child proper pride.

6. Cause the child layer upon layer arm oneself.

7. Arouse the child to atttack parental thought.

Because of this kind conversational means is in intended accidentally, tell the child you already thought good understanding for him definitely method.

You direct him, control him, threaten him, want him to listen to you completely, the child is right now complete outside place oneself thing, did not participate in feeling. Such child nature can adopt defence, defy, virulent to parents even. Parents is complete not self-conscious they are done so, it is the opportunity that is parental consider in privative child be considerate, as time passes, how does study of basic not be in a position go the child " make allowances for others " and how " bear a responsibility " .

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