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Literacy is not inchoate the main purpose that reads education
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A few famous children educationist of domestic, psychological expert weakens with each passing day to our country children read ability to express concern. They in succession with great concentration studies all sorts of children literacy laws or children are inchoate read a law. In recent years, emerge in large numbers of pedagogy of literacy of more than 20 kinds of children comes out, "Cheeper listens read game literacy " , " cheeper associates literacy education " , " 3 paces read literacy law " , " cheeper of health family name knows pronunciation quickly " , " education of literacy of nursery school rub up " etc.

Read it is a foundation with the character, because this speaks of inchoate read, people often naturally read contact together with literacy, inchoate read the literacy education that should do pair of infants that begin ahead of schedule to undertake.

Pure undertake to children literacy is taught, not only cannot promote children to read capability, meet those who strangle children read interest and enthusiasm instead. Above all, read purely write education to emphasize an adult one-sidedly adopting booked program scientifically will all sorts of read basically write knowledge and skill of progressively advance gradually teach children, let children repeat an exercise these skill.

Next, the data that literacy education uses is single Chinese character mostly, or the doggerel that word of close word of a few form, be similar in shape is accumulated and becomes. Material of this kind of language broke away from the experience of life of children, be regarded easily by the child truthless, with language of him life irrelvant, arouse study interest of the child very hard.

Again, education of a lot of literacy inspects individual character to read study main unit to learn in real education, teach directly read write skill, the pedagogy wrong place of orientaton of this kind of skill the focus that cheeper linguistics reviews, and the communication that ignored an import.

This makes language education is become religion the know how to read, artificialize that write or undertakes mechanical, make up what foreword changes to read write skill to train. The 4th, the course of education of a lot of literacy because the limitation of education target itself, make literacy education very difficult with nursery school each activity of big field is mutual and shirt-sleeve, its conformity sex, open sex, compatibility is poorer.

Tell from final result, what education of a lot of literacy goes after is the volume that literacy measures. And the tool that the Chinese character regards communication as, do not have an experience to arrive far however through literacy education as the action children that read a tool.

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