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Avoid 7 kinds of undesirable family education
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Concerned expert points out, should avoid in child growing process the following 7 kinds of undesirable family education:

(1) parents character is bad: Parental itself misbehave, ground of exert a subtle influence on is affecting moral habit of children.

(2) burst family: Domestic burst, the child suffers desolate or became an inflator, thereby easy by socially abuse place is attracted, abandonment or go against atttack others instead.

(Quality of 3) parents culture is low, lack scientific educational method: Much performance is education the method is simple and rough, make filial not know what to do, roam about easily society, appear all sorts of behavior problems.

(4) coddle is doting model: Because satisfy the child's requirement everlastingly, make the child forms greedy, lazy, selfish, capricious disposition easily, get used to social ability difference, dependence is strong, suffer hellion easily to entice, down to is on evil ways cannot extricate oneself.

(5) indulge: Some parents busy the job, earn money, thought to money had everything, ignored the child's education; Still some parents see him certainly method not be successful, at the end of one's wits and let things drift.

(6) contradiction: Between parental occasional and grandparent, go up in educational child problem the manner is abhorrent, one party is in charge of, one party is protected, the child uses psychology of this kind of shield a shortcoming of fault, lying, unbridled, do as one wants.

(7) psychology mistreats model: Beat and scold at present those who abuse the child became little, but the lack as a result of mental hygiene knowledge, psychology mistreats a phenomenon very serious. It is privative child's normal psychology need, if hand in friendly, game, self-respect,wait. Everything sets out with the idea of adult, hope children will have a bright future the heart is cut, forcing the child learns this to learn that, or vie with other child blindly, often be stimulative step with acid and satiric child; 2 it is negative sex psychology stimulation is too strong, suspicious to the child, examine child diary even, dog etc, in them the child in the eye always is not quite good. The child's good deed cannot get seasonable encouragement, smash a pot to pieces just because it's cracked -write oneself off as hopeless and act recklessly of child of as time passes or go against instead, became problem children.

Very apparent, the harm of undesirable family education is serious, the heart body that affecting children directly is healthy. Notable is parents often thinks the child is not small, sensible, do not pay attention to exert a subtle influence on to the ground guides and be taught, command compulsively blindly. Some parents complained to give entire painstaking effort and financial capacity for the child, the result still gave an issue. This basically is set out with the mentation of adult and the expectation to the child, without the psychology according to the child and be caused by of temperamental characteristic teach students in accordance of their aptitude. Accordingly, take the mental hygiene of children seriously, do well family education, accomplish teach students in accordance of their aptitude, just be prevention and cure the basic principle of undesirable family education.
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