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Do not protect children overly
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Be in some university, once had produced a such jobs, a physics that is about to graduate fastens a brilliant student, because achievement is outstanding, be chosen to send university of American some famous brand to take advanced courses by the school. Who tells this student however a decline, say whats do not wish to go abroad. Rejection reason says to make a person fab: He won't wash the dress, won't shop, won't cook a meal, do not know interact with others, that is to say, he cannot live independently at all. University in 4 years, his dress bedclothes is mom is taken regularly to the school clean.

Very apparent, this undergraduate is grow below the undue protection of its parents rise. Alleged and undue protection, it is to show parental two pairs is pulled everything female is big packets greatly, monopolize replace, protect chickling young animal like old hen same, protect children the wing in oneself from beginning to end under, they not the business that be willing to part with or use allows what the child becomes in one's power. Still some parents stem from the heart that hope children will have a bright future, the limits of filial activity complete limitation is in his line of sight, be in certain place, they practiced direct, complete even control to children, the volition that will restrain the child with all sorts of regulations acts, be corrected perpetually and censure, child of for fear that goes Lei Chi more one pace can give error. Undue protection will disturb the normal evolution of child body and mind badly, produce extremely abominable consequence.

The ability that is independent life above all is poor, behavioral clumsiness, behavior is babyish, the individual of at least lives won't arrange; The 2nd it is socialization difficulty, socialization is incompetent, cannot get along well with other, do not know the way of the world; The 3rd it is indecisive, lack self-confident heart, beyond the mark and shy and self-abased; The 4th it is mood of easy generation negative disposition, defect is mixed into abiding angst anguish in depressed mental state cannot extricate oneself; The 5th it is devoid morality affection, responsibility heart is dim, revengeful heart is heavier, and have blind to attack sexual behavior; The 6th it is sexual psychology immature, depend on overly to parents, make love is secured go up in parental body, other everybody loves not to rise.

A variety of expression have to make above the person is anxious. Undue protection already made the central task with children undesirable education at present, become pedagogic, psychological, sociology and medicine to wait for the central issue that studies children special subject. Correct the incorrect education manner that parents protects overly to children, solid it is urgent affairs. (Brook)

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