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Invoke minor psychology question the most easily with weigh fondly
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Sichuan university China center of hospital mental hygiene teachs Guo Lanting on the west from her thick a few big advisory hands are written down in, chose different age for us paragraph the case of illness of problem of child occurrence psychology. Guo Lanting says, invoke the psychological question of minor the most easily with weigh fondly.

Case one: Every day, 4 years old, psychological problem: Separative angst disease

Lovely little boy every day from after be born, it is the center of family person. Mother of father of Lao of grandfather grandma, grandmother, father dotes on extremely to him, want to have a bit ailment every day only, the family is very nervous. Of family circumstances make had not taken a bit pain every day primely, but since go up after nursery school, become very strange every day, very lively in the home lovely, but arrive,nursery school also does not say with respect to a word, resembled changing a person same.

Expert analysis: Every day because family is doting,the symptom is typical and disease of the depart that bring about angst, in the family in this microenvironment, formed every day it is the center, psychology advantage that grant whatever is requested with ego, but in nursery school in this collective environment, teacher and classmate provide case of same favorite heat preservation impossibly for him again, produced sharp lose move every day, then generation antagonism is reached escape psychology, human association occurrence obstacle. Be like not as soon as possible is corrected the meeting is right enter a school is mixed in the future blend in a society produce an effect. Nowadays singleton female more or less similar psychology suits period, parents and domestic person should as soon as possible adjusts state of mind, education child lives independently and respect the good convention of other, did not mother the child.

Case 2: Lin Bo, 15 years old, psychological problem: Disease of the angst before taking an examination of

Lin Bo learns consciousness as a child, neighbour often takes him to establish model to the child of oneself. Went up after key middle school, parents is more it is flourish with him, to be in in good result is obtained when taking an examination of, lin Bo abandoned a lot of hobby, of one mind is gotten to study. But as one's deceased father period draw near, lin Bo appeared unusual action, insomnia, angular, the strangest is to go up the time of the toilet is apparent lengthen, entering toilet occasionally is 3 two hours.

Expert analysis: Unusual action of Lin Bo and the angst before taking an examination of have affinity, because parents inspects a son to be flourish, lin Bo's little double shoulder assumed pressure of overweight enter a higher school, because be adjusted without hobby, lin Bo's angst nowhere divert oneself from loneliness or boredom, closet becomes him the space of temporary debus weigh, so the time of the toilet on Lin Bo just is met longer and longer. Lin Bo's parents should be seasonable slow the son's mood, directive Lin Bo is reasonable allocate study and study time, strike a proper balance between work and rest. Time is taken out to have physical training or entertainment activity after reaching dinner on the weekend, look for active and hopeful state of mind, it is very important to Lin Bo's achievement and body.
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