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When becoming a problem, should have handled " 4 relations "
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What should emphasize here is, becoming a problem is not more better, the key is to want to had been handled correctly " 4 relations "

Below, we are specific talk how to had handled this " 4 relations "

1, the impact that tackles good book learning and extracurricular problem.

See the end of the problem, it is to deepen the understanding of pair of academic knowledge, education uses the knowledge, capacity that solves real problem. Accordingly, before becoming a large number of extracurricular problems, the theory that must get on book learns from good examples, it is clear to do among them basic idea and fundamental do among them basic idea and fundamental.

2, the impact that tackles good foundation problem and difficult problem.

Some classmates always like to get difficult problem, a catch question, think to capture these problems, other meet be readily solved. Actually, through doing certain numerary only the foundation is inscribed, was familiar with definition, theorematic, formula, the basic method ability that masters understanding problem becomes good difficult problem.

3, should have handled " detailed " with " slightly " relation.

Do weight of problem part of one's job, have detailed slightly. To the foundation problem, typical problem wants detailed to do, ask strictly to measure from the format, in order to achieve goal of skilled, accurate calculative. And, sum up the experience that becomes a problem even, find out the rule from which, train essential technique. To difficult problem, can adopt the measure that makes slightly, seek solution mainly namely, analysing Baconian title type is, figure process can skip.

(efficient bright and beautiful bursa: After exercises is finished, must think patiently again, want to did this problem to use those concepts, principle, formula, this problem has what characteristic, whether the other method that solve a problem still waits. Such ability has learned knowledge achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, achieve systematic control, comprehend by analogy and the purpose of draw inferences about other cases from one instance. )

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